Case Study

Through Floor Lift


Customers requirement:
After a fall on the stairs, Mr Lamont needed a lift that he could use easily and safely to access his bathroom and bedroom upstairs. He wanted to maintain his independence but recognised that his mobility might well deteriorate.

Mr Lamont did not want to consider himself to be disabled, nor feel his home had to be significantly altered, and so the Through Floor Lift was not his inital preference. However, after discussing the various options available he considered how our Through Floor Lift represented a long term answer that would help him live his normal life further into the future.

Our solution:
The installation of a Through Floor Lift was carefully considered as the lift had to be within easy reach but without significantly infringing on the living space within the house. We identified a small room, adjacent to the kitchen, which housed the central heating boiler, leading to an unused bedroom upstairs. This provided an ideal solution for Mr Lamont; the access he needed neatly situated in less used areas of his home.

The process:
Our surveyor visited Mr Lamont and his family to understand their hopes, any concerns, and discuss the options available. He returned later with plans that showed where the lift would be located, putting its size in the context of the room. Very pleased with the plans, Mr Lamont was happy to proceed.

On the first day of the agreed installation dates, our builder arrived to prepare and create the ceiling-floor lift aperture in the agreed location. The completed access gap was securely covered to ensure safety in the home until our installers arrived the following morning. On day two, our installation team quickly had the lift assembled, installed, tested and working. The third day of installation was then spent carefully adjusting the lift for optimal performance and smooth operation; showing Mr Lamont and his family how the lift works, its controls and how to use it. Mr Lamont took great delight in showing everyone how at home he was with the lift.

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