Case Study

1m Executive Step Lift


Customers requirement:
After years of restricted mobility Mr Jones now needed to use his wheelchair full time. The split-level garden approach to his home was now an issue that needed to be solved in order for him and his family to remain in their home.

Our solution:
The installation of our 1m Executive Step Lift was very carefully considered and designed to become an addition to the beautiful front gardens, which were of great importance to the Jones family, not to detract, and limit damage to the well established garden.
- the elegant curves and simple lines meant the lift blended effortlessly into its location
- with a compact footprint we kept lost garden to a minimum
- to minimise visual impact the Step Lift was the perfect choice in this situation

The process:
First we visited the site not only to assess the requirements but to speak in person with Mr Jones and his family to understand their hopes, and also concerns, and to discuss the options available.

We drew up plans to show how and where our recommended lift could be installed and reviewed these with the Jones family to ensure they were completely happy.

Our trained grounds team arrived on site at a time suitable for the family to prepare and complete all building work required. The next day our expert installation team completed the full install, testing and training on the lift.

The approach:
We understand that kerb appeal is important. Maximising the split level design we set the lift back from the public footpath, providing more privacy when using the lift, and also allowing the lift to blend into its surroundings.


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