Case Study



Customers requirement:
Ms Holland had been unable to get upstairs unaided for a long time, relying on being carried to get to her bedroom. The layout of her home was such that our popular Through Floor Lift was not a viable option and so another solution was urgently needed.

Our solution:
A curved rail stairlift was the obvious choice but a low bulkhead towards the top of the stairway was a major concern. From a photographic survey of the stairs, we created a three dimensional model of the stairlift, with seated passenger, and examined its running opperation within the available space. From this it was determinded that a curved rail stairlift would be suitable.

The process:
Following his onsite survey and model work, our surveyor explained his conclusions and recommendations for providing Ms Holland the ability to go upstairs unaided and independance within her own home. Both Ms Holland and her family were enthusiastic on the options presented and felt it answered their needs perfectly.

After manufacture of the rail, our installation team arrived to install the Stairlift. This job was completed by lunchtime, tested and fully checked, and after instruction Ms Holland used the lift to go upstairs, to the delight of all.

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