Executive 1m Steplift

Executive 1m Steplift

the elegant solution for up to one metre of travel

Functional yet uber-stylish, the Executive 1 Metre Steplift will compliment any modern space with a wide range of options that enhance its versatility and ability to blend into almost any public access location. The Executive is simple to operate and offers safe and easy access for wheelchair users, but also boasts the most opportunity for bespoke options that is truly unique to the market.

Initially born of the need to include an on-board gate on our standard model, the Executive incorporated many of the sturdy styling features of our original two metre version (now available up to three metre in our latest Independence model), plus all of our latest technical innovations and an overal aesthetic styling that truly raised the design standards and offers so much more for the user.

All mechanical and electrical workings incorporated within the lift
New stylish protective bellows - rigid and durable
Compact and elegant styling
Weatherproof switching and electronics
Easy access to pump and switches for servicing
Easy to use emergency lowering system
Shallow ramp
Simple operating controls
Installation within a day to a flat 100mm concrete plinth
Improved IP 67 rated switching (waterproof) with easy service access
Can be relocated
Low maintenance
Automatic upper gate
Automatic lower gate
On board ramp
Fixed ramp
Auto closers
Auto dialler
Full braille controls
Key switch
Radio controls
Full controls at serviced floors
A range of stainless steel and aluminum posts and controls
Marine grade controls and finish
Silicon acrylic infill panels
Infill panels for sides and gates in any material
Custom colour
Choice of flooring
Through Entry
Adjacent Entry/Exit
Pit Mounted
Bespoke Design

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