Cabin Lift

Cabin Lift

more elevator than platform lift

The Pollock Cabin Lift provides the style of an elevator at the price of a platform lift. The lift incorporates traction lift technology to provide a smooth and quiet transit of up to 14 metres, with the ability to carry up to 500kg while using little energy.

In keeping with current advances in technology, the lift operates without a machine room. This is a true big brother to our Eco Traction Through Floor Lift.

As a public access lift this lift can be customised to fit its environment, whether it is in an external shaft or within the building itself.

Up to 14m travel
5 stops available
Infrared barriers on each side of the entry
Single touch operation
Soft start/ stop
Single phase supply
Low voltage controls
Maximum speed 0.15 metres per second
Key operated controls
Fire alarm or power failure return to floor
120mm pit
2 standard sizes: 1100x1400 and 1000x1250
Painted grey
Rubber matting with grey stamps
Braille buttons
LED lighting
Hollow veneered doors with window
5 sizes and option for additional special sizes
Electronic key to manage independent access
Voice announcer
Lift arrival gong
Auto dialler
In-car controls display
Sliding doors
Power door operation for swing doors
Fire rated doors
5 colour choices

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