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hospitality, offices and larger private homes

Dumb waiter lifts are ideal for large restaurants, pubs, other caterers, offices and larger private homes.

Our Dumb Waiter lift is available in two standard lift car sizes (50kg and 100kg lifting capacity), with either counter serving rise and fall shutters or service lift form with floor level serving hinged doors. It provides a discrete but elegant lifting service that is functional.

Welded self-supporting structure: very efficient in the use of the available space
Quick installation- one day
Standard stainless steel finish: good looks and easily cleaned
Simple and reliable operation.
A heating function that ensures that food arrives at the table in perfect condition
A low headroom model should your premises have limited ceiling space. This option allows the motor to be installed at the side, reducing the height of the structure required for the lift to operate in
Single, through or adjacent entry options
Waist height or floor loading
Single or 3 phase power
Bi-parting car doors
Double decker cars

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