Service and Goods

Service Lift

reliable and cost effective

For goods transportation between floors, the Service Lift provides a reliable and cost effective solution.

Designed specifically to meet your needs, it is available in three basic configurations: Hotel & Restaurant (including Office applications), Retail & Stores and Industrial.

Optimum performance is guaranteed whichever model you choose, including many "off the shelf" options for projects with short lead times.

Serves up to 6 floors
Self supporting structure
No separate machine room
3 phase drive unit
Microprocessor controller
Galvanised steel structure and machine access doors
Zintec or galvanised steel car, landing doors and frames
Stainless steel base and removable shelf
Single or through entry
Push button stations with car position and Photo Gallery indicators
Lift arrival and door open signals
Quick installation
Single phase drive
Fire rated landing doors and machine room door (British Standard 2 hours)
Adjacent entry available
Non-standard car sizes
Primed or stainless steel car, landing doors and frames
Shaft cladding in a choice of primed steel, zintec, galvanised steel, stainless steel or plastic coated steel panels.
Car entrance protection:
On Service Lifts - vertical bi-parting, roller shutter or drop bar.
On Trolley Lifts - drop bar or picket gate
Brushed aluminium roller shutter fitted with electrical contact (two shutters must be fitted on all through entry cars to comply with regulations)
Lockable machine room

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