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Marine Grade 2 Metre Steplift for Docklands Waterfront – Durable & Reliable Lifting Solution

To have lifts that work well and blend in with their surroundings, bespoke lifts are crucial for getting over architectural barriers.

2 metre Marine Grade Steplift

Client Requirement:

Our client required a wheelchair accessible 2 metre Steplift that will be on the Docklands waterfront.

Our Solution:

We advised our client that the lift’s exterior should be completely Marine Grade because it will be located near the waterfront. Luckily for them, we are one of the few manufacturers who can provide this. The lift was required to raise 1300mm for wheelchair access onto a raised platform to access the modular office building. We worked alongside the Managing Contractor to design a special structural fixing detail to support the lift. All electrical connections were also upgraded to Molex IP67 Grade. Installation was completed on site within 2 days without any issues.

We can offer up to 5 years fully comprehensive warranties on our lifts even on Marine Grade Applications. Get in touch with our team for more information.

2 metre Marine Grade Steplift