Your Solution for Accessible Housing

Pollock Lifts provide domestic lift solutions by working with Local Authorities, Home Improvement Agencies, Occupational Therapists, the NHS, and other healthcare providers to make homes more accessible and increase independent living in the UK.

For more than 40 years, we have been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining access solutions in the UK. We work closely with teams across industry that are responsible for assessing and delivering on the specific needs of individuals to reduce the struggles of daily living in various settings – sometimes private homes and sometimes this may be within social housing.  Our clients are sometimes private individuals, but they also range from professionals in the building sector (architects to building surveyors and contractors) to clinicians working for Local Authorities, the NHS or privately. 


What are your requirements?

Steplifts and Through Floor Lifts are available in variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of the individual or environment. If you have accessible housing issues, your local authority will be able to support you. Many of the projects we undertake are in partnership with Local Authorities and the NHS – they are funded through grants. You can check them to see if you’re eligible:


Grants Available for Accessible Housing


There are also charitable organisations who may fund the adaptation works and equipment related to our installations. Some examples are:

Step lifts

Functional yet stylish, our step lifts will fit seamlessly with any project to provide a safe, reliable and simple to operate access solution. With three platform sizes and designs, you can find a system tailored to your space and needs. Options include the Classic 1m Steplift for cost-effective solutions, the Executive 1m Steplift for a contemporary look, and the Independence 3m for longer travels.

Through-floor Lifts

Tailored to your mobility and accessibility preferences, our Through Floor Lifts are not only about ensuring safety but also about adding convenience and increasing independent living in your home. You have 14 lift car sizes and 3 different configurations to choose from.