Pollock Lifts: Leaders in Commercial Lift Solutions

For more than 40 years we have been at the forefront of commercial lift design, manufacturing, and installation across the UK and Ireland. Prioritising safety and product reliability, we are fully certified, ensuring all our commercial lifts surpass British and European Safety Standards.

What are your requirements?

Be it a lift at the station, a service elevator in a café, a platform lift in a library, a freight elevator at a local pub, or a stairlift in a residence – we are there helping people live their lives.

Platform Lifts

Smart and adaptable platform lift solutions that easily integrate with public and commercial buildings. Pollock Platform Lifts offer a great choice of platform sizes, door models, finishes and accessories so that you can adapt the lift configuration to your taste and requirements.

Incline Platform Lifts

With timeless elegance and innovative designs, Pollock Incline Platform Lift gives you total freedom on your stairs and allows you to travel with your mobility aid device. With 2 styles depending on the design of your stairs, Incline Platform Lifts provide safe and convenient vertical transportation.

Cabin Lift

With its sleek and luxurious design, our Cabin Lift is the perfect addition to your commercial or public space. We offer 3 different designs with multiple configurations to suit your style and needs.

Step Lifts

Functional yet stylish, our step lifts will fit seamlessly with any project to provide a safe, reliable and simple to operate access solution. With three platform sizes and designs, you can find a system tailored to your space and needs. Options include the Classic 1m Steplift for cost-effective solutions, the Executive 1m Steplift for a contemporary look, and the Independence 3m for longer travels.

Goods Lifts

Our mutli-functional good lifts are ideal for carrying heavy loads as well as providing access to different floors making them perfect for commercial buildings, sport arenas, factories, warehouses and restaurants.