Pollock Lifts: Your Trusted Lift Provider

With our continuously growing range of commercial lifts, homelifts, and stairlifts products coupled with our team of highly skilled engineers, we stand ready to assist you with any requirement you may have, anywhere across the UK & Ireland.

Domestic Solutions

Pollock Lifts provide domestic lift solutions by working with Local Authorities, Home Improvement Agencies, Occupational Therapists, the NHS, and other healthcare providers to make homes more accessible and increase independent living in the UK.


Elevate your home with our wide variety of home lifts, through floor lifts, and platform lifts. Our lifts not only ensure safety but also to provide convenience and add to your home’s value.


We provide a wide variety of straight and curved stairlifts, designed with a sleek, compact aesthetic, and equipped with safety sensors fitted as standard that will stop the lift in case of obstruction.

Commercial Lifts

For over three and a half decades, we have led the way in commercial lift design, manufacturing, and installation throughout the UK and Ireland.

Maintenance & Repair

Our fully qualified engineers have years of experience maintaining, repairing and servicing commercial and residential lifts.

Market Sectors

We supply building projects, both large and small, across a range of sectors with our ever-growing product range. Whatever your project, our range is certain to offer a suitable solution.


Showcasing the breadth and depth of our expertise in lift installation. Our fully qualified engineers, backed by years of experience, have successfully executed a diverse range of commercial and residential lift projects.