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St Catherine’s College Armagh – A7000 Platform Lift

Customer Requirements

This customer had specific needs that required a bespoke design created by Pollock Lifts. St Catherine’s College Armagh required the use of a lift to facilitate the needs of their students, however, required the building work and disruption to be of a minimum in order to not close off the busy school foyer.

Our Solution

In order to not disrupt school life we suggested the A7000 platform lift which enabled the requirements and needs to be met for the customer.

The A7000 platform lift is perfect for demanding environments such as busy schools, shops and residential buildings. The lift is both practical and versatile, engineered to achieve the highest standards of quality, safety and service life.

Technical Features

  • Accessibility to all public and private premises.
  • Multiple colour choice
  • Battery Powered
  • 1-2 day installation.
  • Soft start /stop.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.